A Happy Muslim Marriage: Advice For Those Searching, Newlyweds and Couples in Conflict – Ayden Zayn

Whether you’re searching for that “perfect” spouse, engaged and getting ready for marriage, or you’re already married but having a difficult time, this khutbah is a must. Ayden Zayn shares very practical and realistic advice that is based upon his own experience, and upon the guidance provided by the Qur’an and Sunnah.

Why Many Muslims Are Not Happy in Marriage
Dating, Sex & Misbehaving Before Marriage
If We Can’t Date How to Get to Know One Other?
Finding Your Spouse on the Internet
Arranged & Forced Marriages
Honest Communication Before & After Marriage
Are You Ready For Marriage Responsibilities?
Marriage is Not Bliss All the Time!
Resentment: Never Go to Sleep Angry
Helping & Supporting Your Spouse
Turn to Allah & Seek His Blessings & Guidance
Emotional & Physical Abuse
Handling Your In-Laws

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